Why do we choose Bubble at Havenocode?

The market does not lack no-code platforms that offer a whole range of possibilities for those who develop web and mobile apps. As a no-code agency, we are staunch supporters of Bubble, even though we appreciate the advantages of the other platforms. Check what's the reason behind that. 

No-code is only establishing its position in the market, but according to the forecasts, it will likely outrun the traditional approach to programming in the near future. We believe in its revolutionary potential, and because of that, we decided to base our business activity on it. 

In order to be able to develop software is such an approach, you need to equip yourself with the appropriate tools. Currently, their choice is impressively broad. Bubble.io is one of the most popular no-code platforms, but it's not its popularity that drew us to it and made us pick it as our everyday work tool. What is the reason behind our decision, then?

Bubble in a nutshell

Before we move to the benefits of Bubble, let's start with a brief introduction. Bubble was created in 2012 by Josh Haas and Emmanuel Straschnov. In that period, drag-and-drop platforms were already available on the market, but they didn't offer many possibilities to the users when it comes to customization or the implementation of functionalities. In this context, Bubble has revolutionized the no-code niche, providing users with incomparable flexibility. 

Today the market is filled with successful projects built in Bubble – among them Cuure, Comet, or Dividend Finance. Bubble itself has been strengthening its bonds with technological giants such as Microsoft. 

Bubble features

Bubble.io is the most developed no-code platform for web applications. With its help, you can build simple applications, as well as complex platforms, using, for instance, dynamic and multi-language content, which is particularly important in e-commerce. Using Bubble, you can add advanced functionalities, create your own plug-ins or templates, and integrate the application with any API.  

The advantages of Bubble from Havenocode's perspective

The features listed above mattered to us the most when picking a preferred platform. We wanted a flexible tool with advanced customization options which would allow us to adjust the interface and workflow of the app to the client's expectations. Bubble lets us implement custom code, and as a result, we are capable of implementing even the most non-standard project requirements. 

Due to its versatility and integrations with any API, Bubble handles our software development needs best, allowing us to easily link the customer's app with various data sources and external systems. We value an extensive selection of plugins and templates and the possibility of adding custom ones. 

Our Bubble projects

In order to prove that the platform supports solutions with various functions and applications, we will reach out for examples from our own portfolio. Working with Bubble, we have built: 

  • Apptoyou – e-learning platform that enables users to participate in no-code-themed courses. They can use the content available and manage it, as well as follow their progress and book one-to-one meetings with experts.
  • Taxrobot – an application that aims at streamlining the process of tax relief acquisition for employees. What's important, it is integrated with the digital signage system and a mailing tool.
  • 60ziaren – online shop for a family coffee roaster company, replacing the previously used WooComerce webpage. Integrated with a logistics solution, payment checkout, and Facebook Conversion API.

Bubble – with an agency or without?

No-code developers are still scarce on the market, but as the trend of combining domain expertise with software development skills progresses, they will become more common. Learning no code, specialists in narrow fields will gain incomparable flexibility. 

Regardless of that, the agencies like ours will still remain necessary. Bubble is a complex platform that requires specific knowledge and project experience. We have those, and thus, we are capable of launching the development process right away while optimizing it compared to the traditional approach. 

If you need support in this field or thinking about picking no-code, reach out to us!

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