Create software faster with no-code low-code experts

Create software faster with no-code low-code experts

We create complex digital solutions, combining the experience of developers with the power of no-code low-code technology.

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Innovative technologies and limitless creations

At havenocode, quality and innovation comes first. Explore our approach and expertise in software development with no-code low-code . Check our advantages in action on our showreel.

Full cycle no-code low-code development

We help global startups and mature companies turn their ideas into functional web & mobile applications using powerful no-code platforms.

Digital Product Design

From analysis to workshops, branding and UX/UI Design.

Web Platforms

Websites, Marketplaces, Booking systems, eLearning platforms, Job boards, eCommerce stores.

Mobile Applications

Native feeling mobile applications for iOS and Android.

MVP Development

We also build MVP of web and mobile apps.

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Our satisfied customers

Join digital-first companies that opted for no-code / low-code and accelerated their go-to-market strategy!

Finance, Artificial Intelligence


An application enabling businesses to automate the process of obtaining tax credits for research and development activities in the United States.
Real Estate, Rental & Leasing

Application enabling the purchase and management of documents to secure short-term lease agreements.


Advanced online learning platform for creating applications using the no-code tool Bubble.
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We treat our clients as partners

"They have extremely high-quality work for the price point they are offering."

Christopher Sioco

They were able to provide high-quality services and maintain consistent and transparent project management.

Marcin Krużewski
Product Owner,
Real Estate

"The cooperation between us and havenocode was smooth and flawless."

Randy Padar

No-code Low-code approach saves time.
And time is money.

The estimation does not include: servers, cloud services, platform usage fees, software licenses, etc.

No-code / low-code approach
Analysis of requirements and design
75 h
UX/UI design
125 h
Project implementation (fronend & backend)
350 h
Deployment and testing
125 h
Integration with external tools
50 h
Project management and communication costs
125 h
Hourly Rate
$50 - $99
850 h
Analysis of requirements and design
200 h
UX/UI design
125 h
Project implementation (fronend & backend)
600 h
Deployment and testing
250 h
Integration with external tools
75 h
Project management and communication costs
125 h
Hourly Rate
$50 - $99
1375 h

Our approach

We build software using innovative no-code and low-code tools to improve the development process and deliver high-quality output. With a strong focus on numerous revolutionary platforms, we can bring your idea to life more efficiently compared to traditional software development approach.

We deliver applications with the highest security, usability and performance level standards.

Usage of no-code and low-code platforms let us iterate with your product faster than in the traditional approach.

Combining our agile approach with no-code platforms' flexibility we work with clients in lean startup methodology, so you can quickly validate your idea and check market potential.

We kick-off projects quickly and assure smooth delivery, from analysis, UI/UX, development, tests to market launch.

Who we are?

At havenocode, we make it possible for both global startups and mature companies to accelerate their product development process by using powerful no-code / low-code platforms.

By leveraging no-code / low-code platforms such as, Webflow or Xano our clients experience a smooth, agile development process that results in high-quality digital products. 

We believe that no code / low code development is the remedy for today’s challenges that growing companies face – go-to-market fast, validate ideas, iterate and pivot with product,  improve business efficiency.
We help companies achieve their goals by delivering powerful platforms and applications in a smarter way - using no-code / low-code technology.

Transparent, clear communication and mutual trust are at the core of our values. You’re not only our client. You’re our partner.

How we work?


We bring together your ideas and needs into first draft of solution. We define goals and focus on crucial functions you need to thrive. The very first step is to transform the idea into a product.


You agree on the scope of work and we prepare mock-ups including prototyping to confirm that we all understand customer’s potential paths. Process ends when both sides make sure that users have the best possible experience.


We build your solution in weekly sprints, using no-code / low-code platforms which we recognized as the best possible choice. You are informed about all the steps we take, no matter what they are. We give you a guarantee of a fixed timeline.

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I'd love to hear about your project!
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Here you can find some frequently asked questions. For further information about no-code / low-code check out our podcasts, blog posts or contact us via contact form.

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