Some Ways To Use AI in Business

Currently, more and more businesses, practically all of them, are slowly moving into a new digital world in which we have a lot of innovative tools available. Thanks to them, we can automate tasks, conduct analysis of big data sets, etc. A business that will not use these tools may quickly fall behind its competition.

For this reason, today we talk about how we can use artificial intelligence (AI) in our business to stay ahead of the competition. We reveal some scenarios of using it in no-code/low-code solutions too. 

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

In my opinion, the best definition is provided by Oracle on its website:

Artificial intelligence (AI) are systems or machines that mimic human intelligence in order to perform tasks and can successively improve their operation based on the collected information.

This term covers a lot, for example: applications that perform complex tasks that once had to be performed by humans and other sub-disciplines such as machine learning or deep learning. However, we will not go into details and we will focus on aspects more related to how we can use AI to gain more satisfied customers, increase sales or improve marketing communication.

How can AI help you?

There are many ways in which AI can help you run your business. Below, we will discuss a few of the most popular ones in detail:

  1. Suggesting similar products to increase sales - if you run an online store, your goal is probably to increase the average order value per customer. To do this, you can implement an appropriate search engine in your store, thanks to which your customers will not only find what they need but it can also tell them what other customers were buying, what to add to buy a set or what, based on their preferences, they might like. Such activities can easily increase the average value of the contract and their implementation does not have to be difficult and expensive.
  2. Analyzing gigantic datasets - AI is very often used to analyze such large datasets that would take weeks for a human. Thanks to "throwing" this data into an appropriate analytical service based on AI, we will be able to quickly get answers to questions bothering us or notice certain patterns or repetitions in these sets that are not visible at first glance. Additionally, we can very easily avail of such services as no-code platforms offer many connections to such services.
  3. Recognition of the content of images, text, etc. - Google Vision API, Azure Compute Vision, AWS Rekognition are one of the most popular dedicated services for recognizing the content of images, texts, etc. Thanks to these services, we can check, for example, whether our users upload 18+ content to our portal , recognize documents and automatically transfer them between appropriate departments, or use them for other purposes. These services are very easy to implement and can also be successfully used on no-code platforms.
  4. Chatbot service to ensure fast customer service - none of us likes to hang on the handset with annoying melody and wait forever for the consultant to answer the phone. The solution is simple: let's create a robot that can answer the most frequently asked questions! As a result, the customer service time will be significantly shortened, plus customer satisfaction will increase when he finds answers to his questions in an easy and fast way! There are many solutions that enable quick start and implementation on our websites, additionally at a low price, e.g.
  5. Suggesting the content of documents or replies in e-mails - a function well known to those who use intelligent functions in Gmail or Google Docs on a daily basis. When responding to e-mails, the system analyzes the content of the e-mail from the sender and suggests a reply if it is, for example, just simple information. In addition, when we write an e-mail and use colloquial phrases or sentences, Google also suggests their content. It is a great solution that makes your work easier and faster.
  6. Correlation of user data to improve ad targeting - thanks to the interpretation of behavior, website visits, analysis of the entire set of data from various sources, we can better match the recipients of our ads. What will it do for us? Much better conversion, more satisfied customers who will not be tormented by unwanted ads or less money spent on promoting the content.

How to get started quickly with AI?

As you noticed, there are a lot of possibilities of using AI, and we have not even mentioned 10% of them. So how do you start using it to gain an advantage?

If you want to create your own application that will use AI, the easiest way is to create its MVP on a no-code platform. Why? Because we will be able to easily use AI in it and build the entire interface, and the whole thing will not consume huge amounts of time and money. This is possible due to the fact that most of the AI services are offered as independent applications to which we can connect via API and we build the interface using a simple drag'n'drop mechanism.

If you do not know how to go forward about it and need help, you can get acquainted with our new MVP-as-a-Service or set a free 30-minute consultation with us.

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