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No-code / low-code agencies deal with the creation of mobile and web applications in the same way as software houses. 100% tailored applications that meet the needs of business and customers. We have UX / UI specialists, no-code / low-code developers, analysts and testers.

The difference is that we do it using no-code / low-code platforms. You can read what is no-code here. Thanks to this, you will be able to check your idea in a much shorter time, because we can build your application even in 3 weeks.

As a no-code agency, we help companies of all sizes to build or check a new application idea. It does not matter if it is an application that would function only within the company (timesheets, document workflow, CRM, ERP, etc.), or if it would be some new innovative SaaS (AirBnB, Useme, ProductHunt, Social Media, etc. You can see our projects here.

Thanks to the fact that we do not have to focus on writing line by line, we can devote more attention to you and your solution. We believe that looking at your ideas or applications from different perspectives, we can give you advice and help to build a better product. Because of no-code, we focus on the value of the product and not on how complicated its implementation would be.

How our processes look like?

The process of creating the application itself is very similar to the way applications are designed in software houses. It consists of the following steps:

  1. Planning and conversation - at this stage we want to understand what goal you want to achieve with the application you are building. Thanks to this, we will understand better what to do and we will ensure the appropriate quality.
  2. Valuation - we prepare a valuation based on the information provided
  3. Timeline - we prepare a detailed application implementation plan for you. Thanks to this, you know exactly by what date which part of the application will be completed
  4. UX / UI Design - our designers prepare mockups of your application. Your presence at this stage is very important - on the basis of materials prepared together  our designers can prepare a perfectly functioning application.
  5. Development - after the approval of the first mock-ups, our no-code developers start the implementation. We operate in an agile methodology of software development, so we consult you on an ongoing basis about our progress and your needs. Thanks to the no-code approach, we have quite a lot of maneuvering with the introduction of changes to the functions of the created application.
  6. Tests - at this stage we test your application to make sure that no critical errors will surprise you during its premiere.

And we are ready! As you can see, the process is similar to the "traditional" one. The difference is that it is much shorter and allows dynamic changes in the process of creation due to the ease and speed of their introduction. One change request in a software house may take several weeks, with us it will take no more than a few days. In addition, we work in weekly sprints. Thanks to this, every week you will see how the next functions of your application work.

How you could start working with us?

Creating an application with the help of a no-code agency is practically the same as with the help of software houses. We can also create a fully functional mobile or web application.

The differences appear in the approach to creation itself, time of implementation and its cost. By using a no-code agency, you can create your application several times faster and cheaper at the same time.

If you want to find out how the process would look like in your case, how long the process of implementation would take or what budget you should prepare, use our free consultation.

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