Is it possible to build my app with no-code? Part 2

Welcome to the next article of the series "Is it possible to build my app with no-code?"! In the previous post, which you can find HERE, we have already discussed whether we can build eCommerce / Marketplace, Social Media or Booking systems using no-code.

No-code allows you to build many types of applications, see the next ones!

1. CRM (Pipedrive, Hubspot, etc.)

CRM is one of the most common categories of applications used in companies. It allows you to manage contacts with your clients in an intuitive and simple way, plan tasks related to sales or customer service, and integrate with other systems to easily transfer won contracts to applications dedicated for project management. This lets us run the company better and more effectively as well as it helps to increase sales.

Will we build a custom CRM using no-code? Of course! It is required to plan how exactly it should work and how it should differ from systems available on the market. Very often, we want to tailor such systems so that they correspond directly to our processes, needs and other applications they should be integrated with.

If you want to learn more, check the CRM guide on blog.

2. Job Boards (, etc.)

Job boards are a great example of applications that we can build with no-code. Currently, we can observe an emerging trend of creating portals that specialize in a given industry (e.g., or This can be a great opportunity for you to build your own version that will be even more focused on a specific industry or category of employees / employers.

Do they differ in any way when it comes to functioning? Probably not, each of them simply allows you to better search for the offers you are interested in through tailored filters and the help of specialists from a given industry.

And again the same question is asked here: is it possible to build a job board in no-code? In this case, let us show you the example of an application that we have created for one of our clients.r. It is a job board for specialists in the shipping, transportation and logistics industry. You can find a case study of this application HERE.

3. ATS (eRecruiter)

Since We have already mentioned job boards, we should also  jump to the recruitment process management. The ATS systems (applicant tracking system) help us with that. Of course, such a system in its technical side is nothing complicated. We manage, display, and simply add more people to our database.

The whole fun, however, begins when we want to plan how these processes should work exactly and how the system, apart from monitoring the stage at which a given applicant is at, can support us in the entire process.

In addition, having our own job board, we can immediately combine it with our dedicated, tailor-made ATS and thus build an entire environment for managing recruitment and the search for the best specialists. All without any code!


As you can see, building various types of applications in no-code is possible. Creating your own applications has the additional advantage - each of them will respond exactly to your needs and will be 100% adapted to your processes.

When we run out of functionalities or come up with new ones, we will be able to easily implement them.

When building an application with no-code, as with any other method, the most important thing is always to define the goal(s) that the application should serve and how it will work. Thanks to this, the no-code agency will be able to help you indicate the right path to execute and plan the next steps.

These are of course not all application types we wanted to tell you about and in the next post we will move on to the next categories, including:

  • Team Work (Slack, Teams, etc.)
  • Catalog (Imdb)
  • Task Management (Microsoft ToDo, Todoist, etc.)

We will also show you more examples of applications that have built with no-code!

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