Is it possible to build my app with no-code?

Currently, this is probably the most frequently asked question when it comes to customer inquiries. Due to the fact that no-code in Poland is a fairly new term, many people think that not everything can be built with it. Are they right?

In today's post, we will try to answer what kind of platforms we can build using no-code!

Due to the length of this entry, we have divided it into several parts. Today we'll cover the following categories:

  • Marketplace / ecommerce
  • Social Media
  • Booking systems

Here we are!

1. Marketplace / ecommerce (Zalando, Upwork, Amazon, etc.)

If you want to set up your own marketplace that will allow  to, for example:

  • sell your products / services
  • browse the catalog of third-party services / products from which sales’ you will charge a percentage and the exhibitors will add products to it
  • manage sales
  • charge
  • view your order history
  • e.t.c.

That's great! We can easily build all these things on the no-code platform! In addition, due to the fact that we offer tailor-made solutions, you will be able to adapt the solution exactly to your needs. Sales reports, complaint management, accepting payments (also from Polish suppliers, eg Przelewy24) is possible. In addition, it will not be a problem to prepare an eCommerce application in the form of a mobile application and place it in the Apple or Google store!

2. Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tinder, etc.)

Social media is a vast and varied topic. YouTube, Facebook and Tinder are completely different platforms, despite the fact that they are assigned to the same category. They also offer varied possibilities, content and form of its administration. Despite these differences, they are still roughly about publishing content, exchanging messages, etc. Can we build such platforms with no-code? Of course! Technically speaking - these platforms store information about the content that users add and then, based on their own algorithms, display itin an appropriate form. This means that we simply look at the database and extract useful information from it, dressing it in the desired form - and no-code can do that too!

3. Booking (AirBnB, Booking, Booksy, etc.)

For these platforms, we must consider a tripartite exchange of information. We have a platform operator that publishes offers (places for rent, hairdressing services etc.) and those who want to benefit from it. The platform must enable the collection of payments, transferring them to the publisher's account when the customer uses the service, and charging a commission. It must enable viewing the calendar with detailed information on the availability of facilities or services, as well as a reservation and information exchange system.

As in the previous case, all this data is stored in the database and we only need to read, transmit and dress it appropriately. And this is also something that we can build with no-code!

As you can see, there are many possibilities, and this is just the beginning. In the following entries, we will present the next categories of applications that can be built using no-code platforms. The categories that we will discuss in the next post are: CRM, Job Boards and ATS.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the button below!

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