How to choose a no-code development agency?

If you are reading this article, you likely know something about the no-code solutions and find this formula worth your attention. We have prepared some tips that may help you find a perfect partner to work with in such an approach. 

No-code is gaining increasing popularity as an alternative to a traditional development model. More and more companies learn that such a solution does not have to limit them. Quite contrarily, it allows them to focus on the core aspects of the application development that are the most relevant to the users and thus, increases their chances for market success. No-code platforms, like, provide them with comparable possibilities in terms of introducing functionalities and integrations. 

As we wrote in our article comparing the full-code and no-code approach, skipping the coding part does not have to mean that it is worth doing all the work on your own. No-code platforms have their own specifics, which your team should be familiar with to finalize the project successfully. It takes time and energy to gain these skills, too. It is worth treating no-code as a way to give some project team some space and unlock resources that can serve for polishing the application.

For the best effects and maximum benefits, we recommend reaching out for support from an experienced no-code agency. If you are considering such an option and looking for tips, our article may be helpful! 

Service scope

The first aspect you should have in mind is the spectrum of services covered by a particular agency. From our perspective, the broader it is, the more chances of market success you have. The agencies that offer full-cycle services (from business analysis, through UX/UI, to development, tests, and support) can ensure the highest consistency of your project, polishing each detail to perfection. By starting from a deep analysis, they can get familiar with the goals and challenges behind the project, which translates to more productive work and effects that correspond with your vision. 

Project portfolio/testimonials

The agency market is quite saturated, and the agencies are well conscious of it. Experience is usually a decisive factor among customers. That's why the agencies put such an emphasis on documenting the cooperation. It is worth starting your research by checking these. You don't have to choose an agency with years of experience and hundreds of case studies. However, search for partners with at least a few documented projects that are thoroughly described and complemented with client testimonials. The lack of them is definitely a red flag. 

Clutch reviews

Aside from testimonials on the website, we also recommend checking Clutch reviews which are the most valuable source of insights in the IT industry. We would treat 5 reviews as a minimum based on which you can evaluate the agency's work quality. For instance, Havencode has much more reviews while maintaining a very high rating.


If the agency is a partner of a no-code platform, we would risk saying you can trust it without any doubt! For such platforms, selecting reliable partners is essential from the image perspective. It means that the agency aspiring to become one has to fulfill various criteria. Thus, you can treat the partnership as a quality indicator. Havencode is an official partner of, which you can verify here.

Educational materials

Engaging in the development of educational materials and actively sharing them with the community of partners and clients is always a good sign! If the agency comes up with such an initiative, there is a big chance that they have something valuable to share. In-depth articles on the topic of no-code, courses, guides, tutorials, and webinars - if your potential partner offers substantive content of such kind, it's a plus! 

At Havencode, we value education - we have created a no-code course certified by - that prepares people without any tech background to create fully functional apps on this platform. If you don't want to reach out for external support, it may help you prepare for the no-code development.

The course is a perfect tool to get into the no-code world, but if time is your priority, we still encourage you to support your team with the expertise of experienced no-code specialists. Reach out to us for more information!

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