Does no-code scale?

This question is mostly asked by people who are just starting to think about the application or are starting to look for a supplier to build one. Each of us, who wants to build an application, whether for our company or clients, tries not to encounter a bottleneck, for example - a lack of performance. We also assume that our application will gain a large group of users thanks to which we will be able to develop it and add new functions that will require more and more server power.

In case of no-code, where we do not use code, this question is asked especially often, because the first thing that comes to mind are limitations. But is it right? Answer below!

Scales up?

Let's say right away: no-code scales. Dot.

How it does it, with what platform or tools etc. depends on the individual platforms. Above all, we must remember that no-code is in most cases cloud-based software. For example, is based on AWS. We must also remember that the Bubble platform allows the use of other backends (e.g. Google Firebase or our own) using APIs or other connectors. Additionally, cloud providers such as AWS, Google or Microsoft already provide their no-code or low-code tools.

On the other hand, when we are talking about native mobile applications created with, for example, AppGyver, a backend or the resources needed to support it are independent from this platform. Why? Because by creating applications in this tool, we can create the application itself per se. They don't offer backend support. This means that it can be operated by any platform. Regardless of whether it will be Google Firebase, or our own servers.

Each application works differently, uses various resources, and is designed differently. We must remember that a properly designed application will allow us to limit the use of servers and thus overpay for scaling servers. For example, some functions can be performed by the front-end, i.e. by user devices, which relieves our servers.

How much is it?

It depends. offers five subscription levels: Free, Personal, Professional, Production, and Dedicated. Each of them differs in the possibilities offered. Dedicated is intended for those who go beyond the possibilities of standard plans. So also in this case there should be no problems with the performance because it will be "made to measure".

Will the no-code make it?

If you are currently facing a choice of how to build your application and the key issue is scaling, you can see that you can  take no-code into account without any problems. In fact, it may be a much better solution for you. Why?

  • Clear and transparent load pricing plans
  • Unlimited scaling possibilities based on the cloud
  • Bottlenecks can be monitored and easily optimized

When building an application in no-code, we do not have to worry about the costs of maintaining servers or scaling because they are fixed and selected by us. In addition, we do not have to worry about whether it will scale, because it is based on a cloud that has no limitations.

We must also remember (which will be a bit of a harsh statement) that many applications will not reach the level where their performance and the inability to further scale will be a problem. And even if - at this point, the use of dedicated solutions should also not be a problem. :)

Where to start?

If you would like to create your application and you are concerned about whether it will scale or no-code will handle it, the easiest way will be to arrange a free 30-minute consultation with us, where we will dispel all your doubts about building your application in no-code. Hope today's post has cleared your doubts about whether no-code applications scale!

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