Create an MVP - 3x faster, 50% cheaper

More and more companies decide to create an MVP before they enter the market with a new application. MVP is a minimum viable product - a product with a minimum number of functions, which is designed to check how a given idea will be adopted by customers and to enable quick changes in response to their expectations.

To create an MVP, you theoretically have two options:

  • Hire a team of developers and UX / UI designers
  • Start a cooperation with a software house

In the first case, you have to choose the technology you will use, find the right people, go through the recruitment process, introduce everyone to the idea, do a business analysis, etc.

In the second case, you do not have to choose technology, worry about design or analysis because a software house or a creative agency will help you go through this process. First, you just need to find a trustworthy software house with openings and the right price 😉

Unfortunately, both options are very, very expensive and time consuming. There is also a risk that you will invest a lot of money and time and the idea will turn out to be a failure.

What can you do to avoid spending huge amounts of money and launch your idea on the market in a timely manner?

You can build MVP with no-code or low-code. Faster and therefore, cheaper.

How to build an MVP?

No-code is nothing more than a platform of a given manufacturer (companies such as SAP, Microsoft, Siemens are already investing in no-code), thanks to which, using a graphical interface, we can build mobile, web and TV applications, etc. This trend is developing very dynamically in both Western Europe and the USA, and according to Gartner, in 2024 65% of applications will be created this way.

Thanks to the fact that we do not have to write code line by line, we only use ready-made elements that can be compared to Lego blocks (most things in programming have already been written a million times, e.g. user login process). We do not have to create such a block ourselves, we only have to set them in the right form, which significantly reduces the time of creating an application. Of course, not all functions that we can imagine have been introduced to no-code platforms and sometimes we must "add" small functions or elements ourselves - then we are talking about a low-code approach.

The fact that we build using predefined elements or actions does not mean that there is no code underneath. Actually, we are plotting the elements that make up the code blocks underneath. All the no-code platforms underneath use the most popular frameworks or programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, Node.js, React and Flutter.

Thanks to no-code / low-code:

  • We will shorten the application development time by up to 5 times
  • We will reduce the cost of creating an application by 50%
  • We will validate your idea in really short time
  • We will quickly introduce new or modify existing functions
  • We will create a fully dedicated application

See the difference

To show you the difference, we have created an MVP application for settlements with contractors. You can read it HERE. The application has a web panel for both the employer and employee as well as a native mobile version available on the App Store and Google Play. If you want to test them, please contact us. Both marketplaces does not allow public distribution of apps which are designed to showcase.

Software houses valued its creation (web application, iOS + Android application, analysis and tests) at about 150,000-200,000 PLN and 10-14 weeks of work.

We created it in 8 weeks for 60,000 PLN. 

This saves 6 weeks and 140,000 PLN. And with such a simple application. That is why we believe that it is worth getting interested in how no-code can help validate your idea in a shorter time and at a much lower price.

Start now

If you want to find out what your project could look like and at what time we are able to implement it, make an appointment at this LINK.

In the next post, we will discuss exactly how no-code works, what are its advantages and what we can build in it.

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