Bubble development – how to get it right?

Developing an app without knowing how to code is possible, and it does not have to come with compromises if you approach it the right way. Check why Bubble is an option worth considering and how to make the most of the opportunities it provides you with to build powerful platforms and apps.

No-code platforms are on the rise, but most of their advantages are actually out of reach without hiring a professional team that will support you throughout the app development process. Today we debunk the myths about one of the most popular of them – no code Bubble.io.

If you haven't heard of that solution yet, you will have a chance to get familiar with the basics. And if you have already considered reaching out for it, we'll give you some tips on navigating bubble development. As a Bubble agency, we have some insights worth sharing.

What is Bubble IO?

Bubble.io is a visual development platform that allows users to build websites and web applications with no programming skills.

If you already had tried to build a website on your own without engaging developers, you may have come across different website builders. They are easy to use and allow you to launch a complete website in a short time. So, what's all the buzz about?

Well, the concept may not be that revolutionary anymore, but the way Bubble approaches development is. Contrary to other popular solutions, Bubble does not rely on templates. It provides you with much more flexibility and allows you to construct the app exactly how you want it. You can introduce preferred functionalities without the limitations the templates often enforce.

Bubble IO is like a blank canvas, allowing you to take any creative direction you prefer. You can create anything with it, from websites, through services, to marketplaces. The results of such development can be as complex and as usable as any application you build with regular programming languages.

Advantages of Bubble platform – is nocode worth it?

With Bubble, you can significantly limit the time spent in development. That means your project can have its release sooner. You cut time to market, and at the same time, you can iterate faster. Since the development does not require coding skills, the members of the team have a lower entry threshold when it comes to introducing changes in the project. They still need to know the specifics of the platform, but they do not need to master the programming language, which would take ages. When using traditional programming languages, developers are carrying all this weight, having to translate the received guidelines into code.

The financial aspect draws many companies to Bubble platform, but from our perspective, they can gain much more by switching to a no-code option. There is another side of the coin: using this platform, the development team gains additional time to polish the UX and UI elements of the project. And that is crucial in the current market landscape that pressures business owners to put more emphasis on the user experience.

User experience is essential to a product’s success, but Bubble facilitates much more. Contrary to many web builders, the platform enables integrations with 3rd party solutions and various customizations, or, alternatively, adding custom code JS/CSS. The apps built with Bubble are easily scalable and handle hundreds of thousands of users. Thus, as you can see, choosing it over coded platforms is no compromise.

Using Bubble, the developers can focus on gaining that competitive edge instead of fixing bugs and solving recurring issues with the code. Even if they have experience and expertise, code improvements can consume much precious time.

Should you handle Bubble app development on your own?

Technically, Bubble is perfect if you want to do things on your own, but, in practice, it is not that simple. If you go solo, you may miss out on the benefits described above. In the end, it is a new platform you still have to learn to manage.

Yes – learning programming would still take you much more time and effort. But as a beginner, you may still end up wasting it on tutorials, etc. For maximum time savings, it is better to reach out to a Bubble agency that provides teams of Bubble developers determined to make your website or web app as usable as possible.

If you would like to give it a try anyway, you can reach out for dedicated no-code courses. They will teach you to build the apps in Bubble based on practical exercises and examples.

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