Bubble and Xano – is it worth combining them?

If you're interested in no-code, you may have heard about Bubble and Xano. But did you know, that you can combine these two platforms in your projects? In our article, we explain when and why it is worth taking such a step. 

When searching for a perfect no-code platform, most users focus on complexity. The more functionalities the particular solution offers, the better – that's obvious. To be fair, Bubble has no competition in this field. However, by combining it with Xano, you get access to a bunch of new possibilities. Check what you can expect from such a mix!

Bubble.io – how does it work?

Bubble is a no-code platform that enables the creation of applications without knowing any programming languages. It came to life in 2012, quickly becoming one of the most popular no-code tools. Bubble stands out among other platforms with its complexity and advanced customization and integration options. You can use it to add complex functionalities, create your own plug-ins and templates, and integrate the app with any API. 

With Bubble, you can work both on the front-end and back-end of your application. What's the point of reaching out to another platform, then? Before we explain why it may be a good idea, we will briefly explain the basics of Xano. 

Xano – how does it work?

Xano is a no-code platform that enables users to create scalable backends without knowing the backend programming languages. The platform provides the users with all the essential tools to make the "behind the scenes" of the application work – from a scalable server, through a flexible database, to the API creator – without writing a line of code.

Why is it worth combining Bubble and Xano? 

Without Bubble, there would be no no-code - Xano creators say it themselves. However, Xano can extend its possibilities, allowing you to build an app in the exact way you want it, reflecting the project requirements. 

One backend for various platforms

By combining Bubble with Xano, you can use one backend for various interfaces (web/mobile/admin). It will save you a lot of work if you're planning to implement the app for various platforms. 

Smooth workflow

By dividing work into two platforms, you can separate the business logic on the backend and the frontend side, which makes the workflow even smoother. It makes it easier for the team to manage tasks and solve problems.


The creators of Xano focus on easy scaling which allows you to freely develop your application with time without any limitations, adding new functions and extending the business logic. 

Advanced query options

Xano is more advanced in terms of record search, granting an option of so-called fuzzy search (which, in a nutshell, is searching text that matches a pattern approximately, not exactly). If the search function is essential for your application, it may be worth combining these platforms to polish it.


Another feature that Xano stands out with is so-called loops – the elements enabling a continuous execution of the set of functions on the list of items. What does it mean in practice? If you want to create an application that relies on repeating processes, consider combining Xano with Bubble. 

Integration with various data sources

Xano offers much broader integration possibilities than Bubble. Easy data processing from various sources is the foundation of this platform due to its backend specifics. As a result, you can expect that the integration will go smoothly and without any issues. 

How to combine Bubble and Xano?

If you work with Bubble, you can transfer data to Xano manually. All you need to do is export data from Bubble in a CSV file and then import it to Xano's database. In the case you work on larger datasets, you can also import data via API. This solution will work better for you if you want to process data continuously from that particular source.

In order to combine these platforms, you will need to install the Bubble API Connector plug-in first. Using it, you can add the API you need. In their webinar, Xano explains this process step by step. You can use it as a guide, reaching out for insights in other tutorials on Xano's YouTube channel. 

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