22 myths about no-code / low-code pt.2

1. Low-code / No-Code platforms are very restricted and cannot scale

Definitely not true. As we discussed in our previous post there are numerous SaaS-based businesses which scale to large enterprises. Also, all low-code / no-code platforms are built on cloud platforms and the scale up is not a problem at all.  As with every software platform, it depends more on how it's built than what it is built on. Even the best infrastructure may not work if there are too many search queries on a single page.

2. Low-Code / No-Code platforms are not secure

Security is a serious concern with any cloud solution. But all real low-code no-code market players understand the need for security, privacy, and compliance. 

All providers make sure that their platforms are secure and reliable, because without this no one would use them. Also, they are probably more secure than most custom software as all of their solutions were tested by hundreds of thousands of users and businesses. 

As every large cloud provider, every low-code / no-code platform gives information about their security solutions.

3. There are no big companies running on no-code / low-code

Not true at all, a lot of companies are already using it: 

  • Microsoft
  • Google 
  • DHL
  • SAP
  • Siemens
  • Volkswagen
  • New Balance 
  • Dividend Finance
  • Qoins 

And this is only the beginning of the list. 

4. Low-Code / No-code platforms give rise to lock-in effects

There is nothing exceptional about it when it comes to low-code and no-code platforms. Due to the fact that their rendering requires an appropriate engine, which is a secret of any given company, exporting such a solution would not be of much use.

Even if it was possible, we would still have to hire programmers just to introduce changes to the exported code that would enable it to run on our infrastructure.

Of course, there are platforms that allow such exports because they are not tied to the company's cloud environment.

5. Low-Code / No-Code platforms are just a trend

Definitely not! Low-code / no-code isn’t something new. For example, bubble.io started in 2012, so they have been on the market for a while. With time no-code and low-code platforms allowed users to make more and more serious applications, therefore this trend must grow. 

For the following years Gartner predicts that by 2024 65% of all software solutions will be built with low-code and no-code. These are really huge numbers and definitely not just a trend!

6. No customization is possible using low-code / no-code tools

Another myth. Most platforms allow us to change html, css and add our own code to it, so we could build almost anything that we imagine. 

All of these platforms are still developing, so with each month more and more elements and functions are added. Even if there is a lack of something, we always could develop it on our own and then sell it as a plugin on dedicated marketplaces to thousands of people! 

7. No such thing as no-code, must be code somewhere.

While there is indeed code on the platform’s backend and underneath, there’s never any coding. Application functionality is created by the configuration of visual components, which the platform translates into code that machines can understand. 

8. It’s not possible to build native mobile apps with no-code

Myth. As the no-code and low-code market grows and so are the needs for mobile apps, there are several no-code native mobile apps builders already! Few of them: 

  • AppGyver 
  • Adalo
  • Glide
  • AppSheet
  • FlutterFlow


9. It’s not possible to use own backend with low-code / no-code platforms

Of course it is! Thanks to different connectors (API, OAuth, SQL, etc) we can easily connect our no-code / low-code frontend with our traditional backend. For example, AppGyver does not offer any backend services. You are allowed only to build your mobile app frontend and all of the data should be delivered by API from your backend services. 

10. It’s not possible to export data from low-code / no-code platforms

All platforms allow you to easily export your data. It’s not possible to export application code but not the data itself. 

So even if you need to move to other platforms or custom solutions you can still migrate all of your data. 

11. Low-code / no-code platforms are expensive to maintain

As with all cloud platforms, low-code / no-code platforms work with pay-as-you-go systems. It means that if you use them - you pay - if not - you don't. Thanks to this you pay only for what you really use. Also, there are always several tiers to fit your needs. Until you go to scale you don't pay a lot of money. Cheapest subscriptions for those platforms start from 9$ / month!

That's all from our myths! We hope that this will help you to choose proper technology for you project! If you have any more questions or concerns about no-code / low-code book a meeting wtih us! 

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