Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

What is no-code/low-code?

No-code/low-code term is used more and more popular every day. It is a global trend which offers a time and cost-saving way of programming. We use tools and platforms, select functional components instead of traditional development. That makes solution development more accessible to people and companies.

Is it possible to add more features to my solution in the future?

Of course, it is easier than ever before. Based on our experience and solutions we've worked on, we would say that it is possible. Moreover further development will be cost efficient as well.

What limits we may have when using no-code/low-code?

Platforms and tools that we use offer most functionalities which usual projects need. When no-code is not enough we develop required plugins and extras.
Is there any issue with performance or scalability?
No matter how big your app is, we will deliver customized plans to run your product.

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